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Urban Liminal

gentlemens room

gentlemens room

Urban Liminal is the result of curator Tabitha Minns’ ambition to produce an exhibition with Niknaz Tavakolian and I. Niknaz’s videos were alongside my painted installations, A Necessary Room for Gentlemen and Sex, Sexuality, Gender and Place. My works were based off of my traveling exploration of New York, Saskatoon, Regina, Thunder Bay and Banff in 2010 alongside a wonderful group in Marie Lovrod’s class Representation, Embodiment and the City. Sex, Sexuality, Gender and Place emphasizes that objects, places and spaces only become charged with sex, sexuality and gender through human interpretation. The video explores experiences in New York that were particularly gendered. See the video for Sex, Sexuality, Gender and Place here.


Acrylic and ink on wall, luggage tags, projected animation. 2010. 

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