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We all come from sex.

This exhibition explores the physical differences of male and female genitals. Emphasizing our similarities, this exhibition attempts to emphasize that the sexes may not be so disparate as some feel they are. Testicles consists of a fabric sac and a metal ‘pelvic floor’, When activated by pulling the rope, the testicles rise up into the air becoming ovaries. This follows the pre-natal path of the gonads, up into ovaries or descending into testicles depending on the hormones they receive. Vagina consists of a pillow counterweight that allows the walls of the sculpture to drop around you as you hug the pillow, enclosing you. From the exterior, the extended sculpture is large and phallic, seeming more like an erect penis than a vagina, allowing the sculpture to be both.

See a video of them at work here. 


Various materials and projected animation. 2010. 

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