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Lora Northway

Nightless Night, 2014 | Image from

I have known Lora since a mutual friend of ours pointed out her work to me when I was in second year university. I still remember the dreadlocks she had glued into place, the exploration of a contemporary self rather than an adherance to the traditional expectations of imagery in art.

Lora is now a powerful woman changing the art scene in Ontario. The program coordinator at Definitely Superior art gallery, she is beginning programs for Aboriginal, queer and artsy youth. She pushes a unique agenda for the next generation, both inspiring and supporting young artists to continue practicing in an artworld that has been created to support older generations.

Her artwork is a beautiful exploration of identity, particularly her Finnish ancestory. Her use of maps and outdoor imagery, combining both traditional and contemporary imagery that reminds me of the Finnish traditions that permeate Thunder Bay's youth culture. Her combination of media creates a magical surface that brings these scenes to life.

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