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Dayna Danger

Venery, 2015 | Image from

Danger's work is extremely provcative and her challenge of power, representation and sexuality is extremely effective and concise. I identify with the sick pink background of Venery, new work curently exhibiting at the White Water Gallery in North Bay. The work I experienced was there for the Dream Big conference, shortly before her exhibition opened. The two videos showed two greased women wearing antlers on their crotch, 'fighting', with a clear visual reference to strap ons. The antlers is relation to sexuality reminded me of Corinne Teed's work Negotiations, recently pulished in Feral Feminisms, an online feminist journal as well as the animal/sexuality component in Dagmara Genda's installation at the Walter Phillips Gallery in 2008 titled Screamers and Bangers: The wallpaper project.

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